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The Old Windmill DairyEd and Michael Lobaugh began their dream in 2002 by purchasing a plot of land in Estancia, New Mexico, forging fences, erecting a building, and buying 2 Nubian goats. Michael was ready to take his experiences in corporate America and explore entrepreneurship based on core values of living a simpler lifestyle. Ed spent his childhood on his grandparents’ farm in 29 Palms, California, where a life with goats provided treasured memories. Ed’s passion for goat farming combines his childhood experiences with his professional career as a psychiatric nurse practitioner working with children and families, many of whom have benefited from the therapeutic effects offered by spending time at the farm and with the goats.

In July 2007, they opened their dairy with a Grade A dairy license and started selling the award winning and popular goat chèvres. In 2008 they started making semi-soft cheeses such as McIntosh Cheddar, Sandia Sunrise Gouda and Manzano Blue Moon (a national award winning blue cheese).

The Old Windmill Dairy milks Nubian goats as their milk contains more butter fat than any other goat milk. They are fed Grade A alfalfa, silage, grains and molasses. The goats are very healthy on this diet, are well cared for and are even given names. Franny and Milk are the veterans that have been retired, as they no longer produce milk; however, they remain active, affectionate and enjoy being petted. Princess Grace, a pale, beige goat is one of the youngest of the herd, and she has the zesty energy and affection to prove it.

The dairy attributes its success and growth to its customers and partnering with other farms and local businesses. These partnerships have created jobs, economic stability and increased the number of hand crafted artisan cheeses made in New Mexico.

The aged cheeses produced by The Old Windmill Dairy are the first in New Mexico to be aged in a cellar designed specifically to produce the effects of cave-aging hard cheeses. The Old Windmill Dairy is looking forward to using renewable energy. This year we are embarking on fundraiser campaign to install solar energy to support the dairies needs. Our goal is to have the panels set on a structure that will provide shade for the goats.

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